RMarkdown Tables are nice, but kinda suck…

RMarkdown is a nice tool for creating automated reports. Heck, it is even suited for creating beautiful slides which I haved used in the past for my introductory R course.

However, one thing I always hated when working with Markdown, and even further in LaTeX, is working with tables. More specifically, maintaining a neat layout and not descending into table chaos. Everybody who has worked with Markdown tables at least once, probably has encounterd this issue.

| some column | another column |
| an errrror  |                |

Once you typed out everything and kept everything tidy, you see an error in your table. Of course, you want to correct it. Or even worse, adding a line requiring a wider column.

| some column | another column |
| an error  |                |
| a very long cell in this column |     |

By now, every column and row had to be adjusted. What might be doable for smaller tables, ends up annoying quickly.

beautifyR to the rescue

Inspired by the "beautify" function in the Abricotine Markdown editor, I tackled this problems by developing a RStudio addin called beautifyR. Here you can see it in action:

beautifyR in action

It is published under a free and open source license (GPL-3) over at GitHub. You can install beautifyR using the Addinslist addin or use:


If you encounter any problems, feel free to open an issue.