About me


A stunning autumn ride through the forest. © Matthias Weigand - CC BY-SA 4.0

I love Geodata – I love Free and Open Source Software – I love cycling!

I am Matthias Weigand, a geographer and geoinformation sicientist from Germany. Currently, I am writing my PhD thesis entitled "Influence of the nearby urban environment on public health in Germany" whilst working as an assistant researcher in the field of applied remote sensing. My main research focus is to use remote sensing image data in combination with diverse geographic data sets to gain new insights into the human habitat and its properties.

I especially enjoy tinkering with free and open source data to achive all kinds of things for work as well as for private projects. When not nerding around, I spend my free time on my bike enjoying some gravel-ish rides.

Read more about me in my bio.


My current research focus is on the use of large scale earth observation data Here I will link my Publications.


Since 2018 I am teaching at University Augsburg. The block-course "Advanced Geodata Analysis and Machine Learning in R" is usually held in the summer semester.


To make my life easier, I tend to use overcomplicated shell scripts 📜. Occasionally, I will blog about them if they might be of any interest to others. All my dotfiles are available via my dotfiles repo.

Also, I was annoyed by manuall having to format markdown tables in my .Rmd files so I created and maintain the beautifyR R package.