Today's the day…

January 31, 2021. The day it all begins. Let's see where this will be heading…

It's 2021. Why a blog?

In the modern web, private websites and blogs seem to be a reminder of times that have passed, a relict from a long-gone era. It is dominated by centralized services that are designed to exploit humanity's greed for excitement and self-affirmation. For that we rely on single corporate entities. We trust them. And they have shown time and time again, that they should not be trusted.

A few years back I decided to cut the lines to centralized social networks. Looking back, this made my life easier despite all the fears I had when heading for the unknown. Being free of AI-driven recommendation algorithms is a freeing experience.

Yet, the internet is a great soruce of information. And I, too, do take most of my knowledge and inspiration, especially on niche topics, from it. But I like to rely less on curated services and more on the way how the internet was once intended: As a decentralized network of individuals. All things considered, I truly believe that seemingly old-school technologies like RSS provide a better tool for collecting information to the responsible user than any algorithm ever could.

So, since I enjoy learning from the ideas of others, and sometimes come up with some stuff, that might be interesting to others as well, this is why I wanted to start this blog. Free of charge, free of tracking, just free for everybody to enjoy.

The theme of this blog

In this blog I will be posting some nerdy, geography, PhD-y and also maybe even some bicycly stuff. Let's see. Maybe, one day I have to update this post when having a better understanding about the overall theme.